Julian Day Number Calculator

This JavaScript example calculates the Julian Day Number for any date on the Gregorian or Julian (proleptic) calendars. Enter a date (Month, Day, Year) and compute the Julian Day Number (click radio buttons to switch between calendars). Or, enter a Julian Day Number and find the date. Click reset to try a new date or day number.

Try entering 10/4/1582 on the Julian Calendar: What is the JD? Now enter 10/15/1582 on the Gregorian Calendar: What is the JD? It should be one day later, since Friday, 10/15/1582 (Gregorian) immediately followed Thursday, 10/4/1582 (Julian). Note also that if you switch between Julian and Gregorian, there is a 10-day difference for a given date in 1582.

Warning: This calculator is not guaranteed for Gregorian dates prior to 1582, nor for negative Julian Day Numbers.





Julian Day Number


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